A Plea to Vince Gilligan

Dear Vince,

In 2 days, you’ll be gone. Not forever, sure. But the work that will probably come to define you is on it’s way out. And myself, along with all the other kool kids, have quite a few feelings about that.

Rest assured: We know you’re doing the right thing. We trust you. You’ve done right by us for 5 incredible seasons. That said, we have invested a lot of time in this series. Meaning the end has got to be totally satisfying. And it’s in that spirit that I must make a few requests.


1. Let’s cut to the chase. We all know you’re gonna kill Walt. The whole show was founded on the premise that he would inevitably die in the end. And it’s not going to be peaceful either. The last episode sends this message, loud and clear. It’s just a matter of how.

But here’s what he needs to do: get his money to his family. All of it. If not, you’ve gotta make it up to us (ie. give him the most dramatic demise ever – with tears and blood and a shit-ton of gunfire). Oh, and a bullet-hole through the tattoo on Jack’s neck would be greatly appreciated.

2. No more Marie. She’s served us well over the years as a comic side character. But unless she shoots Walt personally, she has no more purpose in this story arc. And if she does – somehow – end up being Walt’s killer, I will unwatch every episode of the series, unwrite all of my glowing reviews, and start using meth just to contradict your moral indictment of the drug trade.

3. Give us one more breakfast with Junior. For old time’s sake.

4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Jesse live. He can finally head out to Alaska or New Zealand or wherever the hell he wants and start anew. The poor kid needs a break. And I want to believe there’s enough good in his heart that he might be ok.


Original Art by Amanda Fullwood

I know he’s made mistakes. Over. And over. And over again. BUT, I think if he really started from square one, he could fix good (get it? it’s a play on break bad! me so clever). We all know he just got caught up with the wrong crowd. Plus, in another life, he would be a great dad.

I know you’re not one for storybook endings. While it would be great for Jesse to see Brock one last time, I don’t expect it. But let’s be real here – You gave that sonuvabitch Hank a moment, it’s only fair that Jesse have his. SOMETHING. Just give us this one shining beacon of hope you sadistic jerk! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

5. If Jesse doesn’t pan out, there’s always Skyler. Right now, her future is bleak. Even if Walt manages to give her the money – which he BETTER, so help me Gilligan! – it’s not gonna fix her thousand other problems. We are an insecure folk, us devoted followers. We need to know that there’s something about Walt’s downfall that makes it all worth it.

The rollercoaster ride that is Breaking Bad has been like really crazy sex. It had all the suspense, anticipation, fun surprises, and foreplay that makes that shit so fun. Now we just need that satisfying climax. Sure, there will be tears. But as long as we don’t have collective blue balls, it’ll be ok. Don’t be that guy, Vince. Finish what you start. And for Pete’s sake, make it mind-blowing.

I’m being considerate here. Seriously. I’m giving you a whole 2 days to go back and re-film or edit based on these demands– er, suggestions. And we all know how tremendously easy it is to round a team together and make movie stuff. Just look at Joss Whedon – he filmed an entire MOVIE in 2 weeks. What’s a few scenes here-and-there?

So that’s that. The rest is in your hands. No matter what happens, I am so in. This series has totally raised the bar. You’ve given us some great entertainment, and you’ve done it in such a bold way. As a fan of dramatic storytelling, I love you for it.

And just ask the internetz. I’m not alone in that.



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Much Ado About Nothing


Boozin’ partygoers conspire in this modern and minimalist take on the Shakespearian classic about love and deception.

Why we Went

It was a beautiful, hot Saturday and there was adventure in our hearts. What’s playing in commercial theaters? Robots, horror, and about a million kids’ movies, you say?… Eh, maybe for another day. How about the indies? Oh, look! Much Ado – and its directed by Joss Whedon? Now there’s an appealing mix of sensibilities! We’re in.

Why It Worked

From: Joss Whedon <jossisboss@yahoo.com>
Sent: August 24, 2012 3:02am
To: captainmal2002, reeddiamond, frankran, adenisof, clarkgregg … >more
Subject: Hey Guys!
Attachment(s): Much Ado.pdf

Hey there, Its Joss. How is everyone?
You may have heard that we’re almost done with The Avengers. What an experience! It took about 4 months, but principal photography is just about wrapping up!
I’ve got some contractually obligated downtime before we start editing, so I was hoping to pursue another project that I think you guys will love. You know how Kai and I used to host those Shakespeare readings at our place in Santa Monica? How great would it be if we filmed that?!
I know what you’re thinking: Joss, all of his plays are so good! How could we possibly choose just one?
My top choice? Much Ado About Nothing. Hear me out: There’s tons of debauchery, tons of maniacal planning, tons of good dialogue between Benedick and Beatrice. And really thinking about it, half of it plays out like an episode of Real Housewives anyway. People will love that.
The whole thing will be filmed in black and white. My house will be loaded with booze, which conveniently doubles as a plot device (because what clear-headed man devises impromptu weddings and staged murder plots without an excessive dose of liquid courage?). And the kids will be away, so we can use their rooms, too.
It’ll be super fun. Super casual. Men, wear suits and ties. And yes, Nathan [Fillion], I wrote in a scene with the infinity pool. So bring your swim trunks, too.
We’ll have 12 days to shoot everything. It’ll be cake. I may even get a chance to finish the score before then…
The script is attached. All I ask is that you know your lines, and we’re good to go. See y’all in a few weeks!
PS: Were you guys aware that I co-wrote Toy Story? Like, THE Toy Story? Not to toot my own horn but ‘wow.’ Its pretty amazing that movie studios continue to say no to me after that one.

Bottom Line

Its a labor of love by an accomplished writer/director that – even in its modest presentation – is playful, sophisticated, and smart.