Everybody’s Talking Bad

Get ready, folks. The end is nigh.

The most lethal show on television is in the midst of its final bow. Blogs and social media are alive with speculation, praise, and good-tidings. Its a merry cacophony of  ideas! And be it homage, parody, or critical reading, everyone’s got something to add to the conversation.

Ask the webiverse – this show’s a pretty big deal.

Better yet, don’t bother. I’ve rounded up some WordPress notables to drive home the fact that this is the only show that matters.


The Movie Snobs

Asking the question on all of our minds – who gets out alive?

The Great Breakdown

Separates the Walt from the Heisenberg. And offers a pretty sensible theory about the ricin.


Features a neat little tidbit from writer Peter Gould, who wrote last week’s Granite State.

The Flip Side in Sante Fe

A fun psych-up piece about how things might end. And there’s no room for ambiguity.



What the success of shows like this says about the future (or non-future) of television.

Introduction to Ethics

Breaking Bad and Aristotle’s ethics.

Samir Chopra

The War on Drugs.


Read At Joe’s

Some phenomenal comic book-style fan art by J. Scott Campbell.


A handful of totally rad episode posters. One of which is this post’s featured photo.

Amanda Fullwood

Incredible hand-drawn to digital art of Walt and Jesse. Beautiful. Alive. Some of the best I’ve seen.


General Tso’s Revenge

If you haven’t seen Cranston’s Erotic Fan Letter Reading on Conan. Get on it. Seriously, Click it! Click! … Click it!

Dot to Trot

Get off your ass, lazy! Also from Conan.

So have fun with that! Not enough? Then enjoy some cute little gifs (Because who doesn’t love cute little gifs??)

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