Here at screensnacks, we believe in our friends. Which is why we decided to create a space for them to share their ideas, offer some wisdom and hopefully inspire a chuckle or two. So here they are, the folks that make us look bad:

Watson & HillaryFrom Left: Watson is photographed here with his human television viewing partner, Hillary. Watson obviously brings the looks to the duo while Hillary is the brains of the operation, having recently graduated from college in New York with a degree in Physics and a concentration in English. And no, she is not a sci-fi nerd; she prefers the term “fantasy and science fiction aficionado.”

Hillary is currently putting her degree to good use as an amateur television viewer and professional bank teller in her hometown of Milford, MA. She is honored to be invited as a guest contributor by the radiant and witty men of Screensnacks.

Follow Hillary @mama_bau Twitter_logo_blue


Michelle is a Bostonian. Lover of all things music and food. Supporter of local food and farms. Avid supporter of Oreos and Doritos. Sarcastic to the core. Empowers the world to cook healthy affordable food and has a firm belief that Cats Rule.

She also went to UMass Dartmouth for writing and communications, where she spent most of her time hanging out at the radio station. Her love of music led her to an internship at the now-defunct Boston Rock where she reviewed records and shows. Michelle rounded out her education at Simmons College with a Master of Arts in Teaching English to middle and high school students, but always preferred listening to music and making food. She currently works for a non-profit that teaches low-income folks how to cook healthy food on a budget.

Sometimes she edits the papers of her friends who are in school. Last week after helping a friend with a resume she proudly remarked, “Yay, I used my college degrees!”

Follow Michelle @MichelleCamiel Twitter_logo_blue

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