I Can Do It! I Can Have It All!

Hello, my lovelies!

Holy cheez whiz, time has passed! Months really. 6 months, 19 days, 4 hours, and 12 seconds to be exact. But who’s counting?

Here’s the great thing about that: I’ve never really stopped writing. In fact, I’m being paid to do just that. It’s for a national company on the rise called ezCater and it’s beautiful and wonderful and all things good. (How could they NOT be – they hired yours truly?).

Our logo looks a little somethin’ like this:



The great thing about the job is it’s given me some inside knowledge about the food industry on a national scale, which means added material for this humble blog o’ mine. So stay hungry you sexy lil’ movie-junkin’ mountain goats – there’s much material abound. Movies and food will be living in such close quarters, someone’s bound to get pregnant!

I already have posts in the works, from foodie film analysis to national highlights of dine-in theaters and much much more. It’ll be funny and cute and informative, so stay tuned!

In the meantime (and in keeping with the theme of screensnacks), here’s a self-penned post featured on my company’s blog, for a nationally-known chain inspired by a certain comedic film actor of the 1930’s. Enjoy, my lovelies!

I Can Have It All

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