The End of An Era…

Friends, family, and loyal readers! Gather ‘round! It’s storytime:

As many of you probably already know, after exactly 2.25 (mostly) wonderful years of dating, and about 10 months of weekly blogging, AJ Leto and Spencer Hensel have decided to amicably split.

We know, we know. These two stars of sage and screen seemed to have it all – an impossibly hip pup, an uncanny ability to pack up and vacation at every whim, and a multi-million dollar web page, to boot! But, my lovelies, there was trouble in paradise. So we bid adieu, and now we’re through. Kaput. Donezo. Ov-ah. Comprende?

We ultimately decided to go our separate ways. Worry not, though – we’re both in good health and focused on living our lives to the fullest. (Spencer actually just took a job in Boston, and now lives a luxurious 10 minute walk away from Davis Square in Somerville. YAY!)

So now that y’all know we’re not dead or bedridden, you may be wondering – what about screensnacks? Well, contrary to the most recent inactivity, this humble little site is not quite dead yet. Of course, it won’t quite be the same either. Here’s a rundown:

  • Spencer will be taking primary ownership of the blog.
  • As Head Honcho, he will be covering food, movies, travel, and probably Hans Hugo, because that lil’ diva just can’t get enough camera time.
  • In case you haven’t noticed – the site has had a facelift! This new look is designed to be simpler, cleaner, and a bit less cluttered. We think it’s an upgrade from the old look.
  • Starting with this post, content will be updated weekly.
  • Guest bloggers will still be featured.
  • And last, but not least – check out the screensnacks Twitter Page, which will feature lots of cool links, photos, recipes, news, and movie chatter. It’ll be updated daily, plus, when something is posted on the blog, you’ll see it there, too (that’s marketing!).

Thanks to all of you who have made screensnacks such a rewarding project. We’ve both grown a lot by way of this thing and there’s still a bright future ahead. So please, stay tuned.

Till next week, my lovelies!

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