Operation: Fried Pickles.

Welp, It’s January. Many of us are experiencing the not-so-fun comedown from last year’s Christmahanakwanzikah cheer. But while this month is typically associated with bad feelings, the Hensel-Leto clan has had no shortage of high spirits.

Credit is due to our latest addition, who fits about as perfect as Michael Jackson’s sparkling white glove. Our little guy has all the spunk of his two daddies, as well as our distinct low-tolerance for New England weather. In fact, our native Texan Prince already agrees that the sheer volume of snow fall is unacceptable, and has demanded we fashion him some adorable sweaters immediately (Hillary, we’re lookin’ at you).

Aren't they precious?

Aren’t they precious?

This past week, we helped Hans get acclimated by introducing him to his Auntie Lillian and her band of rogue rascals (Marcel and Guiseppe, pictured to the right):

They got along fine, but when it came to Lillian’s foster pup, MindyMarthaAliceMiranda (she responds to any and all names), we decided that one thing’s for sure: just like his two daddies, Hans is less than impressed by sprightly chillun-folk. Thereby reaffirming that he is indeed perfect.

Here are a few things you need to know about our friend, Ms. Lillian Barrows White.

1) She’s a canine expert. As a long time groomer and lover of adorable mutts, she is our go-to gal for early morning Hans-induced panic attacks. Not only that, but;

2) She loves weird foods. Seriously, there’s nothing this girl won’t put in her mouth.

Which was what lead us to an extensive conversation about where we could get some locally-made frog’s legs. Enter: Keepers in West Boylston, MA. Following an unprompted, dramatic recitation of the ENTIRE menu, and the discovery that they also serve fried pickles (Lillian’s absolute unequivocal favorite), our choice was made.

So post-meet-and-greet, a new adventure commenced. With a high stakes football game as our backdrop, it was primetime for a smörgåsbord! The items:2014-01-19 17.45.56

2014-01-19 17.46.01

  • Finder’s Keeper’s Fried Pickles (3.99)
  • Frogs Legs (7.99)
  • Escargot (5.49)
  • Cordon Bleu Mini Bites (5.99)
  • Side Salad (to maintain our hour-glass figures)
  • New Englad Clam Chowdah (3.59)
  • Lobster Macaroni and Cheese (10.79)
  • Jalapeno Macaroni and Cheese (chicken added) (7.49+)
  • More Salad (because these pants won’t fit into themselves, ya know), and
  • Meatballs in a Bread Bowl

With frog legs on left and snails on right, AJ acquiesced and decided that, while he can appreciate amphibious cuisine, gastropods aren’t really his thing. The rest was shared around the table with rave reviews.

Everything on the table was fair game to anyone. The Patriots fans were huddled around the 16 flat screens and we had ourselves a tailgate party. The bar cleared out and the waitress told us that the hometown boys had lost. The place got quieter, but our games had just begun.

2014-01-19 18.12.29Spencer added grilled chicken to the jalapeno mac-n-cheese and sweated the experience with great joy. In Spencer’s world, spice is most certainly nice. Miss Lillian, the connoisseur of peculiar culinary cravings must’ve had enough of the weird because she chose a staple in American fare, the recently famous lobstah-mac-n-cheese. AJ had the meatballs in a bread bowl and only got half-way through one of them. Alas, just like Brady’s boys in blue, we had lost, too. Our loss was that we couldn’t get our bellies to expand past our belts. Luckily, we left with a consolation prize of two bags of leftovers. The meatball sandwich/bread bowl was excellent and reheated a few days later on a panini press quite well (read: squeezed into a George Foreman). The jalapeno/chicken/mac-n-cheese kept its signature smoky flavor and made an awesome afternoon meal the next day. Our first quarter may have ended in defeat, but boy did we come out swinging when it came to numero dos.

The waitress that we had was AWESOME! Barbara, Thank you! We wish the Patriots had won, if only to keep the energy alive, but the good eats more than made up for it. Keepers is keeping it awesome in an awesomely american pub style. It’s comfort food done in a very fun way. Foods that our Nana’s and Grampa’s enjoyed with some of our generation’s true favorites. Next to Finders, Keepers surely is – a keeper! ;-0

Eat old shool. Eat with friends. Live and Enjoy!


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