Bon Caldo in Norwood, MA

On New Year’s Eve we did what all the kids do. We went to IKEA, stopped for “early-bird” seating dinner and were home in time for me to have a nap before waking up on the couch at 12:02 to wish Spencer a Happy New Year, give him a kiss and tuck my old body into bed for a good New Year’s kick off sleep.

We sometimes watch Phantom Gourmet on My38 on a Sunday Morning and the Stoughton Area (IKEA’s neighborhood) often has a featured restaurant. We are happy to report: we agree with the Phantom’s sentiment on Bon Caldo. Located at 1381 Boston-Providence Turnpike‎, Norwood, MA 02062, the facility is beautiful. This is a business owned by people who surely care about small details. We arrived about 6pm to a crowded entry way where large parties were congregating. Within a minute we made our way to the host who kindly informed us that he could not seat us in the dining room. (We learned later that the restaurant had more than 350 reservations for the evening.) He did, however, offer us two open seats at the bar. There, the beautiful bartender was waiting with a huge smile, ready as ever to treat her next two guests like princes. She was wonderful.

We chose a light dinner of salads and a shared pizza.


  • 2013-12-31 18.48.24barbabietola ∼ ruby red and golden beets – fresh fig infused goat cheese – baby greens – balsamic drizzle
  • caprese ∼ fresh house made mozzarella – hot house tomatoes – basil leaf – aged balsamic drizzle – evoo

2013-12-31 18.49.04The portions were exceptional. Large slices of in-house prepared beet topped with delicious goat cheese and thick tomato and mozzarella slices and a small amount of tender, sweet baby mixed greens to dress the plate. Seriously the opposite of what I’m used to. Usually one gets a big pile of greens accented with the main point of the story. We received big portions of what we wanted: roasted beets, goat cheese, delicious sweet tomatoes and fresh flavorful mozzarella. The balsamic was not sticky or thick. Exceptional culinary talent at Bon Caldo. These photos could never do the flavors and freshness justice. YOU MUST SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Pizza: rustica ∼ artichoke hearts – porcini mushroom – fresh mozzarella – cherry tomato – truffle oil

The pizza was tremendous. Each ingredient was positioned and portioned to evenly mix together. Like the notes, rhythms and thoughtful lyrics of a love song; the pizza and our taste buds met in true love at the first bite.

We cannot wait to return with some friends to enjoy more of the menu. The dining rooms are gorgeous, like Disney imagineered gorgeous, and the large farmhouse tables and rustic Italian options on the menu are still on my mind.

New Year. New Desires. New Experiences. Enjoy!!


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