Perils of Pie, Pumpkin Pie Edition

I’ve decided that for the next few weeks I’m going to share with you a few recipes that I make to satisfy both a) my sweet tooth; and b) my inability to consume processed/granulated sugar. 

The love of my life and I were in the grocery store recently and he asked for pie. I specifically call him the love of my life in this story because, when it comes to sweets, he’s got my back. He won’t get dessert, ice cream, candy, etc….if there isn’t a sugar free option for me. He’s my guy…He’s been this grand since the beginning.

So, back to the point…he asked for pie. The grocery store didn’t have sugarless or no sugar added pie, so he was on his way to the next aisle. I wanted pie…this is where the power of his suggestion came face to face with my industrious nature. <LOL!> I asked him to pause for a moment. I took out my (brain) smartphone and with a tap-tap here and swish swish there – much to my pleased-as-punch baby blues, I found a true pot of gold.

No Bake. Barely any measure. Familiar ingredients. Pie!!!sugarfreepumpkinpie

The most difficult part of this particular recipe is that we forgot to double check the bags leaving the store. The clerk didn’t place the canned pumpkin into the bag. I returned with fists-balled, but worry not: the grocery store customer service was phenomenal when we went back and gave us exactly what we wanted.

At any rate, I recommend this pie for the following reasons:

  1. Easy
  2. Delicious
  3. Nutritionally manageable
  4. Best of both worlds:
    1. homemade
    2. it’s pudding. more people like pudding than custard-type stuff.
  5. Good shelf life. we chipped away at it for about a week.
  6. Quick. I definitely could whip this up before dinner and enjoy with guests within an hour.

Try it. Let me know. Enjoy!


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