The Greenhouse Wood Fired Pub, Mendon, MA

I’m certainly not Anton Ego, which is probably a good thing, yet having a voice that sounds suspiciously close to Peter O’Toole’s would be grand. (.lol.) I think I’ll re-watch Ratatouille, this week.

This past Saturday, Spencer invited me to try a new restaurant. It was featured as one of his bank’s Branch Business(es) of the Month! I knew these people were going to impress me. Starting with the helpful business card gifted to customers offering free dessert that provided well explained directions. Next was the location. Dressed up in partnership with a local landscaper, The Greenhouse Wood Fired Pub has exquisite curb appeal. The theme continues through the entry, into the bar/lounge and through a short hall into the open and bright ‘green house’ dining room. The restaurant takes its name from a prior business and the original purpose of the structure, but the food, space and charm of all in attendance is true to a Pub. Irish, specifically.

It was lunch time and I was already a little tired, so I didn’t want to over eat. However, we did get over-served, which made for a delicious supper. The price to portion ratio was on par, but the deliciousness factor upped the ante to a realm that really impressed this foodie.

2013-10-26 14.00.30

We chose our own table, where we enjoyed the sunshine and the beautiful brick patio view through sparkling clean windows. We marveled over the space and the menu and like two children would burst with joy when we found something to show the other. Whether it be the thing over there, the people across the way or page 5 of the menu that I hadn’t even known existed. We wanted to try so many items on the menu, that:

  • First, we made decisions,
  • then we changed our minds,
  • then we ordered appetizers,
  • then we found more pages in the menu,
  • then I squealed with joy and frustration,
  • we, again, changed our minds,
  • I vacillated for a few minutes,
  • and we were finally saved by Jessica’s arrival with a HUGE plate of hand cut, made to order boneless tenderloins of chicken steaming with love and coated with delicious.

We had to place our entree order…our brains were quickly checking out. We were also being continually distracted by the interior of the dining room.

2013-10-26 14.51.492013-10-26 14.00.56

2013-10-26 14.00.462013-10-26 14.01.08 These are a few shots of the space. The dining room is large and open. The decor is simple, clean and beautiful. The space is also comfortable. The furniture is well-suited to the experience. Both the modestly designed dark wooden chairs and the slightly larger table allowed me and my companion to sit comfortably and share our appetizer with it in between us, rather than on the side or over there or requiring one of us to serve the other. There’s a thoughtfulness that I felt in the layout, design and decor choices in this establishment.

The plate of wings – 12 all together – were enough of a meal for both of us, but we’re champions-in-our minds. We ordered sandwiches, too. Back to the wings, they were large strips of chicken, obviously prepared fresh, delicately dipped and crumbed. The pieces of chicken all were the size of chicken tenderloins. BIG, juicy and individually cared for in preparation. The two flavors you see above are BBQ (a house made BBQ sauce that is not sweet or spicy, but drinkable, if you know what I mean) and garlic parmesan. (JUST SCRUMPTIOUS) These wings were savored with every bite and near the end we divided the last two so that we could finish with the two flavors dancing together in our mouths. You won’t be seeing these wings on a 50 cent wing menu any time soon. [$13.99]

2013-10-26 14.31.192013-10-26 14.31.56

Spencer chose the The Greenhouse Cutlet [A hand pounded pork cutlet, marinated in buttermilk and our buffalo sauce, breaded & fried- then topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles & our homemade Ranch dressing. $8.99] Let’s just say that next time Spencer will be ordering a glass of the homemade Ranch Dressing. HOLY CRAP, I hate Ranch Dressing and I will admit, I dipped every bite of wings into this stuff and also dipped a few fries into it. Hell, if I hadn’t become so full, I would have been dipping a friend into it. The sandwich was very large and more delicious than it’s size. To explain this, I must relate an important fact: Spencer comes from a genetic lineage that doesn’t have a ‘fill line’ when eating. He never has take out from a restaurant. Never. The Greenhouse Cutlet showed him a thing or two, he ate around the roll having his fill for lunch and then finished the rest for supper with about 1/3rd of my sandwich.

I ordered a Brisket Sandwich [A generous portion of our own tender, slow smoked brisket, topped with in-house smoked cheddar cheese. $8.99] I chose the hand cut fries. The sumptuous smell of the fries was so overwhelming that I grabbed the ketchup bottle, filled the corner of my plate and didn’t raise my head or say more than a few words until they were gone. I ate two bites of brisket. The two that were hanging off the bun, shown in the picture, here. The sandwich and a side of BBQ Sauce came home with me mostly untouched. The brisket was very lean, filled with flavor without being salty and taunted me as I struggled to hold back.

To quote the great Anton Ego: “I will be returning to The Greenhouse, soon. HUNGRY for more!!!


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