Super Lux, Showcase, Chestnut Hill

This Sunday, we were invited to a birthday celebration at The Showcase Superlux Cinema in Chestnut Hill, MA. Because it was such a cool experience with great people, we’ve decided to do yet another collaborative post!

Ever the early-birds, we were the first to arrive in the upscale lobby that we were quick to adapt as our own. Our expected guests? Old friends Kathryn and Tim, who had planned this venture with two more soon-to-be friends: TJ and birthday girl Sarah.

As they made their entrance, we greeted them with hugs and took a quick detour to the bar. Spencer ordered an (allegedly) delicious Pumpkinhead Draft Beer with Cinnamon Sugar on the rim. The ever-behaved AJ ordered water in a glass that put all others to shame.

Then we were off – Six (6) kids walking into a small version of an adult (child-restricting) Disney-esque-movie-land.

Our loyal readers know that, two weeks ago, we met the Cinema Pub, who was born of a hungry movie theatre. Showcase Superlux is a decadent creation of a movie theatre plastic surgeon/cyborg scientist without a budget. Seriously, folks, imagine Frankenstein as a female and created by Dr. Christian Troy (Yeah, the guy from Nip/Tuck – Spencer had to Google it).

What was the movie?  Carrie: The 2013 remake. It basically follows the original story-line. Key difference: this time around, the bullies have cellphones.

What were the opinions? AJ: They’ve got YouTube! So why aren’t the high school mean girls perseverating over Facebook and all the other online tools of modern day bullying? Did they really think they would get away with that oversight?

Spencer: Agreed. Bullying is a hot topic. Cyber-bullying especially. Why not take it a step further? On the upside, Julianne Moore gives her typical 110%. Kathryn and I agreed that Chloe Moretz is a bit too pretty, but adequately awkward in the lead role. I wasn’t a huge fan of the coddling gym teacher. Especially when she said things like:

Don't worry, Carrie. There may be a horrible video of you floating around on Youtube that's inexplicably getting ZERO national attention, but luckily there are absolutely no other social media sites for said video to be shared or liked or retweeted.

It’s ok, Carrie. That horrible video of you floating around on Youtube is inexplicably getting ZERO national attention. Probably because no one’s sharing or liking or retweeting it.

Let’s face it – it’s hard merging modern elements with a classic story. I’ll admit that nothing about the movie was bad, but it wasn’t terribly satisfying either. Luckily, we had the food for that.

What did we think of the theatre? Well, there’s so much to say about the space. After all, it’s quite a novel concept. A brand-new spin on the traditional movie-going experience. There’s a lot to cover. So here’s a hybrid of three checklists:

First Impressions:

  1. Lobby Decor – Were we on the set of Star Trek or Austin Powers? Either way, AJ loved the red chair and readily claimed it as his own.
  2. Restrooms’ Condition – VERY clean and everything was motion sensor’d EXCEPT for the paper towel dispenser – much to Spencer’s chagrin. 

Presentation Room/Theatre:

  1. Condition/Cleanliness – kinda felt like we were the first to use the theatre. It’s that well cared for.
  2. Soundproofing – we were in theatre #2 and we didn’t hear anything from the neighboring theatres, which isn’t always the case in Showcase locations. 
  3. Décor  – you see the lobby, the rest of the space is in the same theme. 
  4. Ceiling Height  – So high that we could barely see the can lighting in our peripheral vision. 
  5. Lighting – we were kinda eating in the dark. Probably won’t choose last row seats next time. 
  6. Heating/Ventilation  – very comfortable. We usually freeze at the movies. 
  7. Sound System  – very good. 
  8. Equipment (e.g. tables, chairs)  – the chairs were comfy motorized recliners. The swing over tray tables were a little too small for big meals. 

How was the food? 

That's right - Swanky as this place was, they even had AJ's popcorn. And assorted candies!

That’s right – Swanky as this place was, they even had AJ’s popcorn. AND assorted candies!

  1. Presentation  – We went for dinner in a movie theatre, yet the waitress was dressed like the doorman at a fancy hotel and the food was served on real dishes with metal flatware and the iced water was in a beautiful glass. It was nearly white glove. The waitress was sweet and took polite advantage of AJ’s personality and had a little fun with us, too.
  2. Menu Selections, Prices  Fair and very tasty.
    1. Chicken Parmesan Spring Rolls ($11) With homemade marinara and shaved parmesan cheese. A unique twist on a simple concept.
    2. Shrimp & Watermelon Salad ($15) With Cajun bacon, ripe avocado, red onion, citrus vinaigrette and a light balsamic glaze. Spencer’s choice. The shrimp was exquisite.
    3. Roasted Turkey Club ($12) Our oven-roasted turkey with bacon, Vermont cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mayo served with hand-cut fries. AJ’s dish. Can’t wait to feast on the other half tomorrow!
  3. Creativity – Who’da thunk…build a fancy shmansey theatre and people will come. Ticket price is $28 which includes a $5 food and beverage voucher and unlimited, free popcorn. We got our money’s worth and we are planning another visit. 
  4. Willing to Divert from Menu – Yes, AJ wanted add-ons to his sandwich and the answer was “Yes.” and there was no up-charge.
  5. Service – Each chair came with it’s own service button for crying out loud! With the exception of the beginning and end of the film, we were attended to only by request. It made for a really positive movie-watching experience.

In the end, though, this event was about connecting with old friends and making new ones. While brief, it gave us an opportunity to relive the past and add some surprise elements. An idea that served as a theme for the night. Though something tells me we were more successful living it than the movie was at portraying it.

Not like we can help that. Mediating tradition and progress has always been our style. Oh well, at least our friends can keep up!

Photos courtesy of and Spencer Hensel.


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