The Corner Grille – Worcester, MA

A little over five years ago, a friend treated me to lunch with the most incredible pizza ever encountered. No Joke. This pizza may have coined the phrase “out-of-this-world!” (in reference to itself, of course)

Raena HeppenstallSuch A TREAT! So DELICIOUS!! I don’t wait until I get home. I eat The Corner Grille‘s most incredible pizza in traffic. This pizza makes me and my heart smile. When time permits, I think nothing of stopping in for a lunchtime chat with Tova, a long time employee, who makes me smile, too (and laugh myself to tears). Speaking of smiles, this beautiful girl (pictured) is Raena Heppenstall, the mastermind behind the most incredible pizza. Encountering Raena is always exciting; she’s happy to see all of her customers and usually takes the chance to check in for feedback on fan favorites or, this past Wednesday night, to tell us about the new ideas that are bouncing around her test kitchen. I’m not into insider trading, so all I’ll say is good things are coming.

This week, two close friends and I enjoyed these two pizzas:
2013-10-09 18.17.09

Chicken Caesar Salad Pie: Caesar dressing / chicken / tomatoes / parmesan-mozzarella cheese / topped with a cool chopped caesar salad
Tatnuck Engine #9 Pie: Red sauce / roasted red peppers / sweet Italian sausage / caramelized onion / mild garlic peppers / cheese
14" Pizza Pies: 13.99

The Corner Grille offers a unique thin-crust styled pizza, as well as wraps, salads, soup and some well-known prepared foods in their ‘market’ cooler. All options are available for take-out or eat-in enjoyment. Take-out orders of 6-10 pies are not unusual for neighborhood fire fighters, college students or large families who clearly can’t get enough.

So, let’s talk about this most incredible pizza. The crust is paper thin and deliciously crunchy. The sauce is like your Nonna would make if she was making this most incredible pizza for you. The toppings are not overdone, not overwhelming and not skimped. They are ingredients and flavors rather than foods coupled with a cheese pizza. The sausage on the #9 is delicately thin because it is bountiful with flavor and its thin-ness balances with the sauce, veggies and cheese. The Caesar salad that tops the sweet tomato, parmesan-mozzarella and tender chicken pizza isn’t overdressed and doesn’t weigh it down.

My friend Ed had a couple questions for Raena while we were visiting after dinner.

  1. Why the delicious thin crust? R: Because no one was doing it this way in Worcester.
  2. What’re you eating, over there? R: The Chicken Curry Pie; want a slice? (and then she walked away and came back with two slices.)

Raena knocks it out of the park, day-in and day-out. The Corner Grille has an iconic following because we always receive the same delicious product.

“Tell your friends about The Corner Grille – they’ll thank you.”
– A Happy Customer (read more)

Spencer is sitting here, watching me type and formulating our next order. We will be having the Chicken Caesar and the Chicken Curry.

Did I mention this is the most incredible pizza? Get to The Corner Grille! Enjoy.

Photos borrowed from The Corner Grille’s Facebook Page.

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