The Creed Is Coming to Salem!

8:30pm on October 28th at CinemaSalem! Mark your calendars! Come one, Come all!

As Halloween nears, something inside of us stirs. A hunger for candy corn and assorted fun-sized chocolate bars. Enthusiastic DVR preparations for the latest season of Walking Dead. A love of all things orange. And a general tendency to not leave the house unless it’s something REALLY important.

Fall for AJ and I is our movie season. ‘Round this time, it’s all about horror and it’s myriad sub-genres. Lo-fi, haunted house, slasher, zombie, splatter, body horror – you name it. Our motto: If it ain’t scary, it damn well better be fun.

Which will undoubtedly be true of Kevin James‘ latest short movie, The Creed. Check out the trailer:

A little background: Kevin is a filmmaker whose been making funny internet-ready movies since before it was cool. Recent passion project The Creed is a foray into the funny side of horror.

Kevin holds the reigns as writer/director, but the cast and crew is filled with other wonderfully talented people. Good friend and frequent collaborator Max Pacheco plays a central role. And funny-girl Julie Becker is our lovable lead.

I’ve never known any of these folks to give any less than 110%. They love what they do and they have a great time doing it. Not to mention this project was the subject of a very successful Kickstarter campaign. These are filmmakers who typically fund every one of their projects out of pocket. But here, they’ve set their sights on something more:

Some kick-ass in-camera special effects, for one. And they’re promoting the hell out of this baby. Those extra Benjamins will mean a higher quality product, and highlight yet another step in the director’s quest to effectively eliminate the OTHER Kevin James.

It’s why they’ve scheduled a seasonally appropriate premiere in the scariest town in Massachusetts. Nay, THE UNIVERSE! And it’s just one of many indie horrors the $9 admission ticket will get you. On that note, attendees who are fans of Neil Cicierega and Ryan Murphy will also be in for a treat.

Click here for more info. And come by! Show your support! The world needs more entertainment, and these guys bring it. Hope to see you there!

Have an awesome weekend, my lovelies! Stay tuned for some surprises next week…



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