Tacos Parilla Mexicana

This past Saturday we were on our way home and decided to stop for lunch. With a restaurant in mind, I exited Rte. 146 and on our way down Millbury Street, Spencer said “Oooo, I could go for Tacos!” I stopped the car.

We’ll tell you about the other place in a few weeks.

Tacos Parilla Mexicana is a tiny storefront restaurant with six or seven tables, mostly 4s. We had steak and refried bean nachos, chicken gorditas and a carne asada burrito. The food was freshly prepared. Delicious in every way. There is always a touch of love added to everything in a small restaurant serving extended family and friends, plus a few passers-by.

The space is tight, so you might opt for take out. Or if you’re living in the neighborhood, call for delivery. Either way – eat Tacos Parilla Mexicana. ¡La comida es muy buena! Very very good!! The small corn cakes that enveloped the gordita’s crunchy lettuce, tasty cheese, crema and shredded chicken were made to order. Inside the burrito, every ingredient was fresh and just simply scrumptious. We’re going back! Our total was $20.33 which included a bottle of water.

This is the response from my foodie buddy:

2013-09-28 14.59.232013-09-28 14.59.262013-09-28 14.59.34

Try it and let me know here, what you think! Enjoy!


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