Special Thanks & Kickstart Lovecraft P.I.

Hey guys!

So it’s been 3 months since AJ and I got this little site up-and-runnin’. And it’s been HUGE for us.

Recently, there have been some BIG developments that re-affirm that “Yep – we’re on the right track.” So we thought we’d fill y’all in on what’s up in our circles, and give you a bit of a teaser on what’s to come.

First off, October started with a bang when we received a message regarding one of AJ’s posts last week. Worcesterites may remember our little homage to a local gem called The Boynton. Well, it turns out that none other than the restaurant owner, John, read the post. And the response, my friends, was overwhelmingly positive. Ladies and gents: they’ve asked us to frame it!

The piece will be displayed in the restaurant’s waiting area. Effectively adding screensnacks to the establishment’s rich history. John and his wife Shelley decided to share it on their facebook page, too.

We are both endlessly appreciative of this gesture. Every week, we set out to give props to the people and things that matter in our lives. This was definitely the case with the Boynton, a place that’s had quite an impact on AJ throughout the years. So many thanks, my friends! You offer a great service and we’re happy to spread the word about it to locals and out-of-towners alike.

In that spirit, we’d also like to direct our readers to the latest project of friend and film industry vet D.W. Kann. He and artist Fritz Striker recently collaborated on a 3-issue comic book adaptation of an original screenplay called Lovecraft P.I. It’s an homage to – you guessed it – the Big H.P.

They’ve got a killer Kickstarter page to support their work, with some nifty rewards to show thanks to their backers. Donate as little as a buck and you’ll receive a pin featuring the comic’s logo. It looks a little something like this:


And there’s more where that came from. We’re talking comic book prints, t-shirts, and some impressively detailed character sculptures. These guys are passionate and talented. They live and breath visual storytelling. Plus, they don’t skimp on their thank you gifts.

So check it out. If you like what you see, give a little. It will be appreciated. And if you happen to be in town for this year’s New York Comic Con anytime from October 10-13th, drop by table #3162. Say hi! They won’t bite (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

Now, looking forward: We want to keep things fresh for you guys. So we’ve got a few fun things on the way. Expect surprises in the coming months. Guest contributors, perhaps? And there may or may not be a web-comic in the works. *Wink!*

Until tomorrow. Keep on Keepin’ on my lovelies!


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