Little lamb, who made thee?

SuperSandie made thee!! Roasted Lamb with Rosemary and garlic and butternut squash and green beans with onions and cajun spices. It’s not a William Black piece, I know. It was dinner with our friends Sandie and William and Avery at the Country Lane Farm in Paxton, MA. Country Lane is where I go to be myself, get comfortable and enjoy my friend and her family.

Sandie and I met many moons ago (in seventh grade at St. Mary’s Junior High School, actually) when seating children by height was the trend. We were friends from the start. We have lots in common – food, shopping, chillin’, boys, laughing our pants wet – and, we work together. She’s the boss lady of my manager. First and foremost, she’s my chosen sister. I have a sister that came from my parents and I decided to add Sandie, too. She’s great! Two awesome sisters are better than one. Dot and Jon, her parents, are great too. Having friends like Sandie and her family is like having more of something that’s good. Chinese Food, chocolate, spaghetti and meatballs or mixed-grill, whatever…The Stockmal’s are a cut above.

William is the newest addition to the Sandie & AJ (and Spencer) clan. He comes from a great family, as I’ve learned from Sandie’s reports. We like people that are like us.

2012-09-02 14.57.34To round out the list, Avery is my favorite kind of cutie. She ran out of the house, screeching with joy to announce our arrival. Both Spencer and I received equal love from all three of our hosts. There aren’t many places we go, where all of the inhabitants exit the house and have a reception party on the front steps. There’s not much more to say about Miss Avery. She’s adorable, brilliant, blonde, blue eyed, tall, excited, eager, curious, love-able…did I say adorable?? She’s just like me, actually. LOL!

Dinner was delightful. We felt the steam, delicious warmth and aroma at the unveiling of the roasted lamb. Listened to the chopping of fresh mint and capers that transformed the drippings into gravy. Then joined-in, bringing some of the platters into the dining room where we enjoyed the hard work of our hosts. They both contributed masterfully and we could have easily eaten ourselves sick. We would’ve without doubt. A good portion of our ride home was centered on this discussion. The second part of the conversation was “Can we go back tomorrow?” I said “Yes!” This is what happens when two people just can’t get enough of quality time with loved-ones.

After dinner we played a couple of hours of Cards Against Humanity. Marketed as “A free party game for horrible people,” it’s a game that every home should acquire. IMHO. I laughed my ass off for most of it. To quote William: “Play to your friends personalities !” and that I did. I’m a sick mind, people, I’m a sick mind. Download or buy the game OR invite over another couple that owns the game; or do it all and have a group of friends love you more because you were the smartypants who acquired this show-stopper game. It’s worth the time and effort. The dynamic of the game is direct result of the crowd. Good Food, Great Friends and Giddy Times. What more can a boy want? Not much.

Eat. Laugh. Enjoy!


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