Screenwriters Unite! Blue Cat’s 30 Day Challenge

A week ago, I published a self-motivating post about the process of writing.

It functioned as a reminder of the fruits of labor that come from adapting a Nike “Just do it” attitude. My own virtual pep talk. And it was also an opportunity to promote another highly talented WordPress blogger.

I had fun writing it, and public reception was absolutely fabulous. Y’all responded so awesomely, in fact, it reminded me why it pays to set some time aside and do this ish. Writing isn’t really a solitary thing anymore. And let’s face it, we can all use that gentle nudge that says, “Keep going, buddy. You’re not alone.”

So now I’m about to put my money where my mouth is (figuratively of course, because as a banker-by-day, I truly know how gross money is).

Thanks to LA Screenwriter, it’s come to my attention that there’s an upcoming screenwriting challenge hosted by Blue Cat. The goal: To complete an entire script in 30 days. That’s a 3 page minimum per day for one month.

So that may sound totally scary – but here’s the thing. There’s no demand to pen the next Citizen Kane or Social Network (this generation’s Citizen Kane). The reason for taking part is to development a habit. A good habit. Because you need one, slacker.

As do I. Right now, I’m writing almost daily. Closer to every other day really. Sure, it’s not bad. But none of that work is going toward the thing I love the most: screenwriting. At the moment, I have a handful of short scripts, half of a full length, and a ton of unproduced ideas. Ok, not a ton. A few. But they’re good ones! (Denial’s a powerful thing).

Semantics! For the Fall Goalpost Challenge, starting this Monday the 16th and ending October 15th, I have my story. What is it, you ask! Well let me tell you: It’s part personal experience, part surrealist Jim Henson-esque fantasy. I want it to flow in the most fluid possible way, so I’m following the age-old advice of writing what I know. And I’m approaching it from the standpoint of: If it’s entertaining to me, fuck the masses.

I’m very pumped to start this. And I encourage any other screenwriters to do the same.

To assure that progress is being made, Blue Cat request that you check in at their Fall Goalpost Events Page on Facebook daily. Here’s a chance to not only share what’s written, but to also get inspired by everyone else who’s doing a way better job than you.

I kid of course. In the end, it’s about community. It’s about finding an effective writing ritual. And it’s about committing that abstract idea to the page. Whether it’s a first step to a long and prosperous career in screenwriting, or just a way to flex your writing muscles, it’ll be a fantastic exercise.

So get on it! I hope to see you at the finish line.

See you Monday!

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