If you’ve been following, you know we were away this past weekend and I’m still reeling over meeting a puppy on Sunday. The pup is is a yellow lab and poodle mix and he’s caramel-coloured. He is a distinguished member of a beautiful British family and was named by his 4 yo. sister Genevieve. Learning his name went like this:

passerby: “Is he a GoldenDoodle?”
Mum: “No, He’s a LabraDoodle.”
passerby: “What’s his name?”
Mum: “He’s Ba-NAHnas!” (read with British accent)

I nearly lost it. We were able to have a chat with the family and learned that I want one!! I want a labradoodle and we’re thinking about names.

Not knowing that I would be meeting Ba-NAHnas and family, I made one of my favorite recipes and brought it along on our adventure. 1ptBananaBread_Nutrition

Weight Watcher 1 Point Banana Bread is one of my favs because it’s low in calories and it’s delicious. This sentiment was backed by one diabetic, one processed sugar-allergic, two vegetarians and one vegan.

I challenge you all to make the recipe and let me know how you like it. Write me some comments. Go bananas, LOL!

Either way, Enjoy!

One note: The natural applesauce is not included in the nutrition information, so I don’t include it in the recipe. No need, in my experience.


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