Kickstart the Gold Dust Orphans in NYC

Howdy folks!

The summer’s coming to a close. Time to trade the tees for longsleeves, the sandals for sneakers, and the beach bods for the muffin tops. (I’m already one step ahead of you guys on that one.)

Change is in the air. My girl‘s moving away, AJ and I are doing some major domestic planning, and maintaining this site is becoming a huge passion project. So when I see others taking new leaps, breaking new ground, and adding something big to the world, it gets me pumped. After all, innovation is in season.

In that spirit, I’m ecstatic to spread the word about an INCREDIBLE local theater troupe who needs help making their next major career move.

The Gold Dust Orphans have been mainstays of the Boston underground theater scene since the mid-1990’s. Their schtick: razor-sharp drag-infused parodies of old school movies, musicals, and stageplays. And their titles alone are worth the ticket price. Notable productions include The Gulls, Phantom of the Oprah, Mary Poppers, Peter Pansy, and a wonderfully interactive take on The Rocky Horror Show.

These guys are tremendously gifted, committed, and consistent in their output. And the pricing for admission is an affordable alternative to the many big-name productions the city has to offer. In short – its fringe theater at its finest.

They deserve a bigger audience. And we have the opportunity to help them.


Ryan Landry and Co. created a Kickstarter project earlier this summer. Their goal: To bring their production of Mildred Fierce to NYC.

As of August 30, 2013, they’re 4/5 of the way to funding the project. 6 days remain. They’re almost there, but they could use your help. And they’re offering some pretty phenomenal rewards for your support.

If you believe in great theater, help these guys. Even if its $5. Show the world that there is a place for the arts. That following your dreams and making people happy is always en vogue.

And even if you can’t now, catch one of their shows! I promise you won’t regret it.

Donations can be made here. And here’s a cute little promotional video for your viewing pleasure.

Happy labor day weekend, y’all.


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