Coming Attractions

Every Friday, we’ll offer a quick itinerary of fun movie openings, events, talks, festivals, and anything else film-related that we think you should know about. What’s more? Its all local (MA and RI and beyond, for the real exciting stuff).

Here’s what’s new:

Cutie and the Boxer (kendall square cinema)

If early reviews are to be believed, Cutie and the Boxer may have what it takes to enter the canon of great docs about art. Angled at a labored love between a starving Japanese artist and his assistant in NYC, it looks to be uncommonly alive and emotionally textured. For those in search of an unconventional love story, this might be the place.

(Showtimes available August 23-29 @ Kendall Square Cinema)

The World’s End

Remember Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz? Same guys. ‘Nuff said. What’s that? Need more convincing? Geez you’re hard to please. Alright, watch the video.

(Wide Release)

And that’s all for today, folks. See you Monday!


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