Lobster, Tabbouleh, Spaghetti Squash salad

Time after time, I take food home with plans to incorporate the bit or bits of leftover food into a delicious meal. The Tabbouleh is from Chez Shelly. Stay tuned for the lobster origin.

lobstertaboulesaladI love crunch and strong flavors, which is why a series of individually cooked ingredients put together in a salad is always a top choice. The ingredients with calorie count is here. I chopped up the lettuce, layered the tabbouleh and squash, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and positioned the lobster on top. I don’t plate food in this organized fashion just for the camera.

Lunch was delicious, filling and satisfying. I felt good and not hungry for the right amount of time. 

Taking a look at what you have in the house and making deliciousness out of it is a skill that I’ve learned in recent years. Using what you have around the house opens up both your creativity and your budget. Leave me some comments on recipes that you’ve made from items that ‘shouldn’t work’.

Either way, enjoy.


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