Best Dinners with Friends – North End

My gratitude for sharing with others is deepening with this writing assignment. I am increasingly in love with my work. I’ve always enjoyed writing and at the same time felt less than “writers.” This blog has created a desire to grow and is leading me to a conversion of doing – to feel-a-part-of – and to grow. Action is integral to living. My editors are awesome and I’m waking out of my comma coma, like a timid turtle. 😉

On Saturday, we dined at our friend’s home in the North End of Boston. Receiving an invite to a friend’s place is huge. We interpret it as a generous gift. Our friend, Michelle is a kindred spirit who shares the goodness of her life in her ability to cook, feed, entertain and bring the best out of people. She works for a non-profit nutrition/health program and brings to work and home her prior work as a chef. This is the second time I’ve enjoyed her masterful skill and hospitality.

Dinner was simple and simply marvelous. All fresh. All home-made.

2013-08-17 17.30.582013-08-17 17.31.122013-08-17 17.30.352013-08-17 17.31.06

– Flank Steak
– Chimichurri
– Tabbouleh
– Grilled Zucchini & Feta

There are few words to describe what you see (these are close-ups of the meal) other than the following: tender, spicy, savory, zesty, fresh, delicious, sumptuous, beyond, hard-work, and I could go on and on. I’ll allow these pictures to speak their 4,000+ words. Oh, and “everything’s bettah with Feta!”

Two important highlights of this meal.

  1. The vegetables come from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Fresh beyond belief. No trucking, so they were likely picked within days of our meal.
  2. Michelle is an experienced cook. She takes time for her guests to participate in the menu planning and to prepare food appropriate in dietary need and from their favorites list.

I would be remiss to mention that there are more than 87 dining opportunities open to the public in the North End of Boston, MA, but I’m a hopeful regular at Chez Shelly. 

Hidden Jewel, Zagat Rated, fuggetabbouditt! Chez Shelly is where the love starts with the smile and ends with the hug, after you help yourself to a plate. Thank you our lovely host and dear friend.

We ended our evening by venturing out into beautiful weather and onto the cobble stoned streets for a Wicked good evening at The Boston Opera House.


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