Coming Attractions

Every Friday, we’ll offer a quick itinerary of fun movie openings, events, talks, festivals, and anything else film-related that we think you should know about. What’s more? Its all local (MA and RI and beyond, for the real exciting stuff).

Here’s what’s new:

In A World…

Auteur Lake Bell stars as a hapless vocal coach who follows her dream to become a voiceover celeb, just like her dad. Keep your eye on this gal – with credits in acting, writing, and directing, she’s a star most definitely on the rise. Cool supporting cast, too, including the likes of Demitri Martin, Rob Corddry, and Tig Notaro. The trailer will charm your pants off.

(Showtimes Available August 16-22 @ Kendall Square Cinema)

Kick-Ass 2

In another life, Chloe [Grace] Moretz and I would have an age-appropriate movie romance, but alas! I will simply admire her from afar and tell only my closest friends (the internet) of my inappropriate fascination. She may be my raison d’être, but if we’re counting, Jim Carrey is a close number 2. There’s no doubt that he will kill it as Colonel Stars and Stripes.

The trailer looks fun, but I’m iffy about the writer. I haven’t heard of half of his previous work, and the ones I have didn’t fare very well with critics. Then again, what do they know? Amiright?

(Wide Release)

Lee Daniels’ The Butler

I will readily admit that, Yes, Lee Daniels is a douche for adding his name to the title of this movie. And the casting is sort of weird (Alan Rickman as Reagan what?!), but Forest Whittaker will almost definitely be incredible and will possibly get the gold statue for it. Oprah too.

Screenwriter Danny Strong is famed for last year’s HBO movie Game Change, a well-received political drama about the 2008 McCain/Palin presidential campaign, so no worries on the writing front. Bring a tissue box.

(Wide Release)


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