a little home cookin’ – Healthy No Cheese Frittata

Sometimes going out isn’t on the agenda. Dining out less frequently and eating more at home is always suggested. Your contribution to your health begins with the groceries you select. 

With that in mind, I’ve decided to share a recipe with you each week.

A little background about my cooking style. 

In 2005 I had surgery to lose weight and for the past 8 years I have fought the fight and kept a good amount of weight off. I’m happy with the body size that I am today. When home I do my very best to eat as clean as my mind and taste buds will allow.

healthynocheesefrittataOne of the ways that I monitor myself is with my smart phone. At the suggestion of a friend I joined www.loseit.com and downloaded the app. With Lose It I am able to track my calorie intake and also take a good look at the quality of food coming into my body. One cool way that app helps me is that I can enter a recipe. Even when I’m throwing things together, if i measure the ingredients, the app does the rest. The ingredients list here is a recipe that I made for lunch recently. I opened the fridge grabbed the prepped ham from Trader Joe’s, the previously cooked mushrooms, two eggs and a bag of shredded carrots from Whole Foods.

The actual cooking.

  • In an eight (8″) non-stick skillet, I sprayed some canola cooking spray [zero calories]
  • softened up the carrots for a few minutes on low-medium heat
  • added in the ham and mushrooms
  • let them all get nice and warm
  • scrambled the eggs in a separate bowl
  • folded the eggs into the hot ingredients moving it all around enough to get the eggs about half-cooked.
  • finished it off on low heat, covered – about 5 minutes.

It’s done with the egg is firm to your liking.

Sprinkle with pepper if you like. Enjoy.

NOTE: This was two meals for my surgically reduced stomach and was very delicious reheated very quickly int he microwave oven.  If you enjoy the entire portion as one meal. It’s 422 Calories.

Disclaimer: You should definitely adjust the ingredients to accommodate the best balance for your health and present medical condition.



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