Recipe for a successful wedding – a la Moberg-Foster/Popkin


  • good timing
  • nice weather
  • good toasts
  • gracious hosts
  • great food
  • good service
  • beautiful bride
  • great people to sit with


  1. keep the timing right
  2. cross your fingers, knees and toes for good weather.
  3. prime the guests and the toastmaster/toastmistress
  4. choose a location and DJ that is accommodating and willing to deliver service that beats the band
  5. choose food that will leave the guest list talking

Blend together above ingredients with two exceptional international families and lots of jovial friends and see what you get! <g>

In the early evening of Saturday, August 10, 2013, we converged on Blissful Meadows Golf Club, situated on Chockalog Road in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. The club is situated in the woods on a fairy-tale winding way and we were basking in sunshine and comfortably cool summer air. The days prior were varying degrees of torturous heat and humidity or flooding with drenching downpour.

The bride (Ruth) is the daughter of a community chorus friend and I was asked to sing in the quartet at the wedding ceremony. Ruth, a minister of the Lutheran Church, married Alex, a math teacher. Head-over-heels in love and filled with joy, the handsome couple and their parents were far above gracious and all enjoyed themselves from start to finish.

2013-08-10 19.25.15The facility is not huge, but is well-suited for a big party for many close friends. The dining room itself accommodated 15 tables of 8, a full bar, gift sleigh, head table for 12 and a reasonable dance floor. Most importantly, the food was good. As with all banquet food, it was not fine dining – but who expects that in any large gathering? I sure don’t. I would never try to serve 130+ in the same day, never-mind the same hour.  The photo on the right is my plate as it was delivered. It was delightfully warm and smelled really good. (I have been served cold wedding food.) The turkey dinner option provided an abundant  portion with enough cranberry sauce and simple stuffing to enjoy alongside every bite of the moist and ample pieces of breast and thigh meat. The vegetables were cooked to save a bit of the crunch, which I like.  Spencer and I both agree that the mashed potatoes were best left on the plate, after one bite for each of us. I rationalized that it isn’t a good thing for someone like me who is watching the waistline, so it was surely a blessing in disguise. Besides, there were plenty of veggies and protein.

Dessert was red velvet cake and steaming hot coffee that was devoured by all. The list of sweets doesn’t end here. Our server, Holly, who was very compassionate with my nut-allergy question contributed to a memorable evening. Seated at our table  were two sisters and their lesser halves, Jim and Cliff-the-comedian.  Rounding it off was familiar face Maria, a singer from our community chorus, who was accompanied by her husband Paul. An imaginary poll at the end of the reception concluded that we were indeed the table that had the most fun. But then, did you expect anything less?

Two pigs are at the beach. After a while, one says to the other, “I think I’m bacon!” Thank you, Cliff – And G’Night.
The photo of the function room is borrowed from the Blissful Meadows Golf Club website and is credited to Erika Sidor Photography.

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