If you wanna love me, take me to The Sole!

The Sole Proprietor | 118 Highland Street, Worcester MA | Reservations: 508-798-3474

The title of this post was singing through my head all day recalling the most recent and reminiscing  the hundreds of meals previously enjoyed at The Sole Proprieter. “You got to have Sole!” I’m taking considerable poetic license, but you can listen to George Jackson’s song here.

Going to The Sole is an expression of love for me, to me, and from me. I openly tell people that it is better than Legal Seafood. I admit, here and now, a life long love affair with this restaurant, I’m a foodie and I am not ashamed. I truly love The Sole and I’m not afraid to go on and on and on and on and on, again and on.

Let us count the ways how I love thee, The Sole:


  1. It’s the restaurant that’s happy to see me at almost any time of the day or night. Late at night they give a discount.
  2. No matter what the occasion, the food is consistently delicious. There is no situation/day/time, when business, crowds or anything impede the delivery of choice dining options.
  3. The menu samples seafood presentations from around the world with entrees, sushi and raw bar offerings beyond the imaginable and always highlights seasonal specialties in abundance. They also still to their roots and the specific dishes that have made them famous throughout the land (and sea). Additionally, if what you want isn’t on the printed page, but the ingredients are in-house, the order is delivered. 
  4. My mother and godmother never decline an invite to The Sole and when we are there, we are ourselves. In the past year, we have celebrated birthdays, holidays and Mother’s Day at the Sole. Each dining experience without rush, dissatisfaction and disappointment. Each time we have entirely been our selves and taken our own way through the menu. I usually order something from the raw bar and sushi menus, Mom usually get something traditional and Godmother loves her fried foods.
  5. Spencer has named The Sole his favorite in Worcester and never hesitates with the idea of stopping over for a snack, taking the mothers for a meal or even starting the “what will I eat” conversation more than a week in advance of our arrival.
  6. Marie works at the Sole. She’s an icon of service. The epitome of exceptional waitress! (Marie will have her own post, in the future.)
  7. The Sole has sense. The staff, owners, customers, and vendors all have quality in mind and make quality part of life.

These menu items have forever been my favorites:

  • tuna sushi dinner
  • seafood alfredo
  • the gaba gaba roll and the firecracker roll
  • the chowdah and the dinner rolls

The Sole does it well, so well that I challenge that you test my opinion and go, eat and enjoy; you will live a better life because you did. I admire The Sole’s family style hospitality and their sense that ‘of course, we can do that for you” which hasn’t changed in the last 30 years.

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