Breaking New Grounds

Breaking New Grounds Coffee Shop, 3 Harbor Ln, Ogunquit, ME 03907‎ • (207) 641-0634

The State of Maine has always held space in my heart. Shopping in the Kittery outlets. Wells or York Beach vacations with family. Weekending with friends in Andover or Portland. Day Trips to visit friends or a romantic dinner and stroll through Ogunquit.

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit is an especially sentimental location place for me. In my younger years, Nannie would take me on trolley-car adventures beginning or ending with a walk on the Marginal Way. Hearing the story of the oil painting bought by my parents for Nannie which allowed her to bring a coastal slice of life into her day-to-day simplicity. (That painting is in my parlor.) Early morning boarding of the Ugly Anne deep sea fishing boat with Dad and friends. Dinner at Barnacle Billy’s to celebrate something big! There’s always a corner promising to bring a huge smile up on to my face.

Breaking New Grounds Ogunquit icedThe smile I will explain here is Breaking New Grounds Coffee Shop, found in the far left corner of Perkins Cove. A quaint little shop perched on the rocky coast line. This establishment is absolutely a must visit. First reason is the kind and welcoming staff who are as happy to make a large Iced Blueberry Coffee as they are to grind up two pounds of the same beans for taking home. The coffee, pastries and lunch/light fare items are beautiful and are enjoyed so blissfully by all customers, that I just must share accolades here on our blog. Spencer is famous for “not wanting” a coffee when we anticipate continued walking because he’s not into the carrying of the coffee. When we stop here, he’s usually kindly volunteering complete ownership of my large iced Blueberry coffee from Breaking New Grounds Coffee Shop. He’s also famous for his happy moan and shouts of “It’s so good!!” as we stroll about the area. Second is the location: “picture perfect”, is all I can offer here.

Serving coffee that is provided by an inland parent store, Breaking New Grounds Coffee Shop provides mail order services and Adirondack chairs to give you the same feeling of neighborhood relaxation on the coast, sipping the summer day away.



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