Much Ado About Nothing


Boozin’ partygoers conspire in this modern and minimalist take on the Shakespearian classic about love and deception.

Why we Went

It was a beautiful, hot Saturday and there was adventure in our hearts. What’s playing in commercial theaters? Robots, horror, and about a million kids’ movies, you say?… Eh, maybe for another day. How about the indies? Oh, look! Much Ado – and its directed by Joss Whedon? Now there’s an appealing mix of sensibilities! We’re in.

Why It Worked

From: Joss Whedon <>
Sent: August 24, 2012 3:02am
To: captainmal2002, reeddiamond, frankran, adenisof, clarkgregg … >more
Subject: Hey Guys!
Attachment(s): Much Ado.pdf

Hey there, Its Joss. How is everyone?
You may have heard that we’re almost done with The Avengers. What an experience! It took about 4 months, but principal photography is just about wrapping up!
I’ve got some contractually obligated downtime before we start editing, so I was hoping to pursue another project that I think you guys will love. You know how Kai and I used to host those Shakespeare readings at our place in Santa Monica? How great would it be if we filmed that?!
I know what you’re thinking: Joss, all of his plays are so good! How could we possibly choose just one?
My top choice? Much Ado About Nothing. Hear me out: There’s tons of debauchery, tons of maniacal planning, tons of good dialogue between Benedick and Beatrice. And really thinking about it, half of it plays out like an episode of Real Housewives anyway. People will love that.
The whole thing will be filmed in black and white. My house will be loaded with booze, which conveniently doubles as a plot device (because what clear-headed man devises impromptu weddings and staged murder plots without an excessive dose of liquid courage?). And the kids will be away, so we can use their rooms, too.
It’ll be super fun. Super casual. Men, wear suits and ties. And yes, Nathan [Fillion], I wrote in a scene with the infinity pool. So bring your swim trunks, too.
We’ll have 12 days to shoot everything. It’ll be cake. I may even get a chance to finish the score before then…
The script is attached. All I ask is that you know your lines, and we’re good to go. See y’all in a few weeks!
PS: Were you guys aware that I co-wrote Toy Story? Like, THE Toy Story? Not to toot my own horn but ‘wow.’ Its pretty amazing that movie studios continue to say no to me after that one.

Bottom Line

Its a labor of love by an accomplished writer/director that – even in its modest presentation – is playful, sophisticated, and smart.

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