Newes from America – The Net Result – Martha’s Vineyard

In starting this entry, I started to reminisce our trip to Canada and returning to finish it, this evening, I’m happy to report that a dear friend but-dialed me from Quebec about an hour ago…voila. Here are more out-of-town bites to rave about….

On the 13th and 14th, we were the guests of a generous couple (great friends) on Martha’s Vineyard. We were fortunate to stay at their beautifully secluded resting spot and have a local’s perspective on this return trip to the island. Our first visit was last year for a special weekend away to celebrate my birthday (AJ) and this year, we returned on the same special weekend. One night, two days, torrential rain and a remarkable sunburn coupled with a two-day double-date with our friends, topped off by canoeing and kayaking in the ocean. My life has taken on a lot of new firsts and canoeing with a new friend is now on the list of happy.

As you know I’m here to talk about food, so here we go!

The Newes from America Pub, a Colonial pub at the base of The Kelley House hotel in the heart of the village of Edgartown is both  beautifully historic and a definite repeat in the future of this foodie. Shortly after arriving, an attentive server treated us to a quick tour of the specials, menu suggestions and with little wait, darn good food.

Joining me were two champion eaters, who frequently boast a reputation of never feeling full. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! They were waving the flag of surrender after being taken to task by the pieces of fish, in their Fish and Chips ($14). The chips were barely combated. You read it here, pieces…one platter had two equally big pieces and the second had a huge piece and smaller one for good measure.

Another impressive entrée from the front page was the combination of the Newes Pub “Hot” Wings ($9.75) and Bag O’Rings (8) which happily brought tears to their devour-er’s eyes. The bag of onion rings, an actual brown paper bag sans plate plopped onto the table was the bearer of some of the best onion rings ever served. Remember, we sample everyone’s  food.

My dinner was a grilled sirloin steak special topped with a house made onion gravy that was a deliciously close cousin to my yummy onion soup ($7.50) appetizer. The steak and vegetables were so plentiful that I used only 2 of the 5 perfectly crisp  potato wedges to scoop up the gravy off the plate. I laid my napkin over the rest. These Colonials had us beat down.

I must give honorable mention to the hostess, who buzzed, bussed and bid hello and good-bye to everyone in and out. Let the NEWES be spread… if you are in Edgartown, check the Newes!!

The Net ResultAn Upper Scale Fish Market, Takeout & Sushi Barnetresultfrontaug17

  • Clam Chowder ($4.75)
  • Lobster Salad on a wrap, made to order ($15)
  • Grilled Swordfish ($7.95)
  • Crazy Tuna Roll: Pepper Tuna, Avo inside topped Spicy Tuna ($17.99)

To my Worcester-ites, this is what would have been born of The Sole Proprietor, if the Ahlquist’s had gone fish market instead of fish dining. Nearly every bite met a moan of mouth-watering pleasure or a shout of tasty joy. The chowdah was on par with the finest. The Lobstah wrap trapped so much lobster meat, I lost count. There were easily4 claws, a few knuckles and extra pincer pieces with one simple leaf of crisp of lettuce and two delicately thin slices of tomato dressed with barely any mayo.  Spencer’s swordfish sandwich had two pieces of fish grilled to perfection on a soft roll with the same delicate portion of lettuce and tomato for a hint of taste and color. The sushi roll was beyond expectations, a fair price and nearly two inches in diameter, plus being packed with fish and laced with good healthy spice.

The focal point of the market is the two or three large tanks filled with lively lobsters and the talk about town is that you should call in your order because you’ll be waiting, if you don’t. Wait, patiently, yes – many did, there were a good 50 – 100 people in and out and the parking lot had not one peaceful moment. The picnic tables, by the time we were leaving were crowded with happy customers clamoring like seagulls. The Net Result = I was pleased.


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