The Heat


An uptight FBI agent and foul-mouthed Boston cop forge an unlikely friendship in their pursuit of an elusive Russian mobster.

Why we went

We’ve been in a dark place in terms of movie options for the past couple of months, but late May marked the emergence of summer’s big blockbusters with big names attached. Just returning from our Canadian/New England road trip, we decided to jump right back into the game. So we pooled a list of 4 contenders and this one made the cut.

Why it worked

The comedy here is bold. Remember the irresistible, star-making gross-out appeal of Bridesmaids? Turn that up to 11 and you’ve got the gutsy girl power gusto of The Heat. Dream-team Melissa McCarthy (Mullins) and Sandra Bullock (Ashburn) are worth the price of admission alone. Their chemistry makes everything from competitive low-jabbing to displays of affection feel authentic. Behind the camera, props go to the partnership between screenwriter Katie Dippold (Parks and Rec, MadTV) and director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), which made for some moments of impromptu movie magic. Feig has said it was his intention to create a movie that felt like a party, and this certainly fit the bill. Bringing it all home, the impossibly-hip will give a nod to the perfectly-toned soundtrack choices, which included Azealia Banks, Santigold, and Kreayshawn.

Bottom Line

After about a 20 minute warm-up, the side-splitting marathon took off and The Heat succeeded at being the movie it wanted to be.