You can’t beet Prezo!

Saturday afternoons can be run-around or laid-back, yesterday was rain-on-my-parade. I met up with Spencer after work and we agreed we were both starving. I’d been waiting to enjoy lunch with him and I was nearing the point of hangriness (when hunger bequests anger). A busy morning, a quick visit with the “in-laws” and then off to the restaurant. We were slightly delayed because I couldn’t remember the name, so after describing every detail, we were on our way to my third visit to Prezo Grille & Bar in Milford. The restaurant has a classy and cozy,  yet trendy and upscale feel that’s hard to define but always alluring. One step inside and you know you’ve made the right choice, and this experience was no different. It was kicked off by a kind and welcoming hostess and slammed out of the park by a careful and courteous waitress.

Keliie S., greeted us with vigor and kept consistent pace throughout our visit. She was attentive, without being bothersome, and took body language cues very well. We were unsure about what we wanted to eat, so we ordered appetizers and held off until they arrived. Spencer’s choice was the soup du jour – a spicy chicken with rice and vegetable soup, and I requested a half portion of the Beet Salad with mixed greens, roasted beets, red onions, goat cheese, spiced candied almonds, pesto balsamic vinaigrette (my nut allergy was well respected and humorous banter was an added plus.) We both were silenced, well reduced to quiet moans of deliciousness. I struggled between ordering the second half and picking something else.

I did decide on something else, which was an additional pleasure to my palate. I opted for the West Coast Burger, topped with avocado, tomato, monterey jack cheese, cherry peppers, asiago fresca dressing, without a bun. I’m a wimp, so I also asked Keliie to hold back the cherry peppers. My partner in healthy eating chose the El Morocco salad with steak tips added on.

The steak tips on the salad were savory, succulent and made Mr. Smiley brim with joy. The salad was a near match to the Aboody’s true masterpiece. (I had the privilege of enjoying a few birthday parties on the patio with my classmate Susan and her gracious Mom, with my Mom, too.) My burger was top quality, no greasy fluids running over the plate, with just enough cheese, fresh avocado and two tasty slices of tomato. Instead of fries or pasta salad, I asked if vegetables and steamed broccoli was available and enjoyed a healthy portion. A small side of a creamy asiago dressing was a polite compliment to a few bites. If you haven’t had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a mindful chew on fresh avocado, delicious grilled burger and sliced tomato, I highly suggest you run, don’t walk, to Prezo and get this meal…Three times. Charmed. Definitely will return. Thank you Keliie! and Thank you Prezo of Milford, MA.

Prezo • 229 1/2 E Main St, Milford, MA 01757 • (508) 634-0101

Star Trek Into Darkness


The Enterprise crew, headed by the instinctive Captain Kirk and his highly logical right-hand man Spock, band together in pursuit of their latest adversary – an elusive and dangerous rogue Starfleet agent.

Why we went

All joking aside, I really want to see Kirk and Spock kiss. I vow to keep seeing these movies until that happens.

Why it (pretty much) worked

Below is a transcribed letter straight from the trash of J.J. Abrams’ LA home. In the brackets, you will find my personal interjections.

J.J. Abrams’ ‘How to Make a Successful Star Trek Sequel’ Checklist [Yes, he refers to himself in the third person]:

✔ Open with a brand new, visually spectacular element [Nibiru] that really has nothing to do with the rest of the story [such a tease, seeing as its far and away the best sequence in the movie].

✔ The ultimate victory is seeing a Vulcan cry. Up the ante for Spock.

✔ Add Lens flare. While we’re on the subject, get a patent for that shit. [I happen to like this visual touch, but there’s definitely a lot of it]

✔ Don’t get hung up on silly little “plot-holes”. [Not that the last one did, but anyway…]

✔ Include the obligatory Leonard Nimoy cameo, even if its placement feels totally awkward in the greater story [It does] People like him [They do]. Besides, he practically pays us to make appearances at this point.

✔ Nerds want to see themselves in these movies; Give Simon Pegg more screen time. [Well played]

✔ Offer potential plot developments that veer right back to the familiar, just to freak everybody out [You know how bad horror films bombard their audiences with false scares til it becomes meaningless? Its kinda like that].

✔ Gratuitous body shots of pretty young people. [I won’t complain here, though none of ’em rival Benedict’s deleted shower scene]

✔ Really drive home the blatantly homoerotic tension between Kirk and Spock. [Its totally there]

✔ Don’t forget the lens flare.

Bottom Line

The script may be rife with narrative plot-holes and “takebacks”, but the style and fun factor will please fans of the rebooted Abrams series.